Events 16-09-2019

Latest news of translation section



Final Nominative list of students admitted to

Master1 Translation: (Arabic- English- Arabic-).



Nominative list of students admitted to

 Master1 Translation (Arabic- English- Arabic-), 80

 Academic year: 2019/2020



Criteria for the selection of first year students

 Master: Translation (Arabic- English- Arabic-)



Schedule of the translation section first semester 2019-2020





To students who have not supported their dissertations during 2018/2019.

  We inform students who have not yet submitted and supported their dissertations, that a second session has been opened for the defenses and this from 03 to 30 September 2019.

NB: Any delay will expose the student to re-register and repeat the year.





We inform all the students in M2 / S3 Translation (Arabic-English-Arabic), that the deadline for re-registration will be 19.09.2019 and thereafter the courses officially begin on 09.22.2019 by consequently any absence from this date will be taken into consideration.