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Final deliberations 






Timetable of remedial exams for the first semester -2019/2020





Schedule Second semester  2019-2020




Schedule of Exam Papers Consultation of the first semester,




The schedule of exams-first semester- 2019-2020



Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

University of Tlemcen

Faculty of Letters and Languages

Department of English and Section of Translation

A National Study Day on:

Language, Literature and Culture: Trends and Perspectives





Workshop on "administrative translation" for master2 students.
Date :  12/11/2019
Time :  Group 2 at 10 a.m
            Group 1 at 12 a.m
 Place :  Internet room
Supervising professor: Dr.Ramdani Meriem.






An orientation lesson for master students: translation Arabic -English –Arabic, on Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 10.00 am in room 15

untitled:" from translation to translation science –creation of scientific format»





People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Ministry of Higher Education and

Scientific Research

University Abu Bekr Belkaid –Tlemcen

Faculty of Literature and Languages

Section of Translation


Holds a national study day on:


“Specialized language translation: domain specificities and the labor market demand



November, 26th  2019 University of Tlemcen




Schedule of the translation section first semester 2019-2020






Titles of graduation thesis: academic year 2019.

Titles of graduation thesis: academic year 2018.




Final Nominative list of students admitted to

Master1 Translation: (Arabic- English- Arabic-).



Nominative list of students admitted to

 Master1 Translation (Arabic- English- Arabic-), 80

 Academic year: 2019/2020



Criteria for the selection of first year students

 Master: Translation (Arabic- English- Arabic-)






To students who have not supported their dissertations during 2018/2019.

  We inform students who have not yet submitted and supported their dissertations, that a second session has been opened for the defenses and this from 03 to 30 September 2019.

NB: Any delay will expose the student to re-register and repeat the year.





We inform all the students in M2 / S3 Translation (Arabic-English-Arabic), that the deadline for re-registration will be 19.09.2019 and thereafter the courses officially begin on 09.22.2019 by consequently any absence from this date will be taken into consideration.