Tlemcen University of Algeria
East Carolina University (USA)
Global Virtual Classroom Project


What is the Virtual Classroom?

It is the virtual learning community groups or between pairs of learners refers to geographically dispersed members, but connected through broadband networks. These groups support each other to achieve the learning objectives in a cultural environment.

Why the Virtual Classroom?

Objectives and Benefits

  1. Objectives: The virtual class is designed to meet four main objectives that we present as follows:

             1.1 The virtual classroom is inscribed as new information and communication technology.

             1.2 Exploring the effective applications of broadband tools such as video conferencing.

           1.3 Learning foreign languages as a means of promoting the inter understanding between peoples.

           1.4 The integration and participation of society in the process of Globalization highlighted the need to train         managers mastering English and French, as well as IT tool.

  1. Benefits: As for the advantages they are summarized in the following points:

           2.1 The VC provides students with real-time interaction opportunities to increase their knowledge collectively.

       2.2 It also allows a constructive process of guided knowledge acquisition supported by a team.

         2.3 The VC allows the sharing of knowledge and refers to the concept that knowledge lies not only in the mind   of one person.