The Dean of the Faculty:


The Dean of the Faculty is nominated by decree upon proposal of the Minister of Higher Education, after consulting the Rector, among teachers in service belonging to the rank of professor or teachers of conferences.

The Dean is responsible for the operation of the faculty and manages its human, financial and material resources.

As such:

  • He organized the appropriations operation delegated to him by the Rector.
  • Appointed the personal faculty for which another method of appointment is not expected.
  • Ensures and shall exercise supervisory authority over all personnel under his authority.
  • Prepares the meetings of the Faculty Council.


He prepares the annual report of activities that address to the rector of the university, after approval by the faculty council.

The dean of faculty is assisted in his duties by:


  • Vice dean for studies and student-related issues.
  • Vice dean of post graduation and of scientific research and external relations.
  • General Secretary.
  • Heads of departments.
  • Library’s chief.