The magazine


Publication rules:

The scientific body of the journal welcomes all items that are available with the following conditions:

  • The articleis authentic,and has not beenpublishedbeforeandis not presentedfor publication inanother place.
  • Make sure you set the Quran verses and the hadiths verses and unfamiliar words and are necessary to adjust.
  • The articlemust includea separate sheetfor thebrief biographyof the researcher(phone,e-mail ...).
  • Treatthe language, use strongwords andwith allmentions andreferences at the endof the study, as it is shown to thelist of sources and
  • Thetopicsarepublished in the reviewreflectthe viewsof researchers,andthe journalhas no responsibility.
  • The work must be in format (Word) Online Traditional Arabic No. 18 and notes (Manual) number: 14 in a CD-ROM with a copied paper. But not more than (20) pages.
  • Selectionand publication ofarticles inthe magazineare subject tostrict and precisescientific standards.
  • The studies and research that reach to the magazine will not be returned to their owners, published or not published.

The leaders of the magazine:

        The responsible director, Director in charge of the magazine:

         Chief Editor: 

         General Editor Supervisor: 

          Assistant Editor: 


Editorial Board:


Consultative council:



Researchers are sent to the following address:

The review of literatures and languages.

Faculty of literatures and languages

Address: B.P 124 - B.P 138 Tlemcen.

Email: faclettre@mail.univ-tlemcen.dz