Vice- deanship


1- Vice deanship of graduation

The Vice deanship of graduation is responsible of the affairs of students and schooling services of different department and sections .the vice deanship is also responsible of given certificates of preliminary and final success for graduate students.






2-Vice deanship of post graduation and scientific research and external relations:

The Administrative Organization of Vice deanship of post graduate and scientific research consists of the vice dean, his assistant and administrative staff estimated the application of the following tasks:

  • General supervision of magister and doctoral L .M.D competitions.
  • Monitoring the progress of doctoral and magister theses and university rehabilitation.
  • Ensurethe progress of scientific research activities.
  • Revitalization of scientific relations between national and foreign universities.
  • Ensure the implementation of improved standardsand renewal of knowledge of teachers and students of post graduation programs.

The three services pursuing the operation of these functions are:

  • Pursuit post-graduate training service.
  • Pursuit scientific research activities service.
  • Scientific Cooperation and exterior relations service.


Vice deanship of post graduation directory: