Research 19-09-2022




An invitation to vote in favor of Algerian projects nominated for the World Summit of the Information Society Prizes (WSIS Prizes 2023).




The Application –Progres-for students


Dear students, we put at your disposal the application Android -Progress- which allows you to follow your studies at Tlemcen University. Through the application you can view your group and section, timetable, academic results, student card, debt tracking and academic leave and other services.

The application is easy to use; please download it via the link:



The data entry is as follows:

User name: Composed of the year of acquisition of the baccalaureate + registration number of the baccalaureate, for example: 201932047863

Access code: This is the student’s date of birth (day, month and year), for example: 04042001


The Vice rectorat of Graduation invites you to download and distribute the application for its practical usefulness.




List of accepted candidates for a member of the administration board of directors of the Tlemcen University.



Saudi Arabia scholarship offer


Interested candidates may submit their CV to the Vice-Rectorate of External Relations no later than January 25, 2023.




Census of Doctoral and magister degree holders of the University of Abou Bekr Belkaid- Tlemcen-.


As part of the census operation launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research,  doctoral and magister degree holders of the University of Tlemcen – Abou Bebkr Belkaidare kindly requested to fill in the  Form  


You can find this form on the page




Announcement to teachers


As part of Erasmus program, a call is now open for academic staff, for 3 universities: Silesian, Lublin and Piraeus.

Application deadline: 04 February 2023.

Registration is done on the Erasmus platform available on our website, it is imperative to respect the specialties requested by the host university.

All Calls and information (applications and accepted specialties) are available on our website:




Hungarian government scholarship offer




Level of participation of students in their university training






           It is brought to the attention of the heads of departments and sections as well as the heads of specialties and professors in charge of teaching the Methodological Units that they must register on the following link

Please find the user guide attached.



The Faculty of literatures and Languages, under the supervision of Dr. Meliani Mohammed, Dean of the Faculty, and Mr. aissa Ben Hachem, Director of the Regional Radio of Tlemcen, welcomed the creative writer Azzedine Jalawji” as part of the National forum: on  “Azzedine Jalawji’s Creativity: References and Experimentation". With the presence of the critic Dr. Faydouh Abdelkader, the academician experienced in reading and analysis Dr. Nasser İstanbul from the University of Oran. In addition to the great professors Dr. Mohamed and Abdeljalil Mortad, and a group of professors from the University of Maghnia, the University of Tébessa, the University of Tipaza and Bel Abbes, fellow professors from the University of Tlemcen, and our students who were numerous in the forum room.

All our thanks and gratitude to you for having made us happy with your readings of the literary works of Azzedine Jalawji.





On Wednesday, December 07, 2022, the Laboratory of Literary and Critic Studies and Their Scholars in the Maghreb, organized a national forum on "the major monetary issues in Algeria between ancient and modern". the dean of the faculty, Dr. Mohammed Meliani, opened the forum in the presence of the director of the laboratory, Dr. Mohammed Mortad, and the president of the forum, Dr. Choumicha ben Maddah, with an intense presence of professors, researchers and students interested in issues of literature and criticism who came from various Algerian universities to share their scientific contributions with the aim of enriching the forum.





On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, the research laboratory: "(LLC) Diversity of languages, literary expression and cultural interactions", organized a study day on doctoral research in language didactics and English language sciences, in order to study the difficulties and provide solutions to doctoral students in the English department, under the title: “doctoral research in didactics (ESP) and language sciences: challenges and perspectives. »



The Faculty of Letters and Languages of the University of Tlemcen in cooperation with the Regional Radio of Tlemcen welcome; to all the participants of the national forum:

"Literary Creativity of Azzedine Jalawji - References and Experimentation" organized by

"the research laboratory for literary and critical studies and their scholars in the Maghreb”.




English placement test

(For teachers to join English language training).








 Announcement of the elections date for the social works commission membership




The installation of the new head of the French department

on Wednesday 30/11/2022, Pr. Mohammed Meliani, The Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Languages proceeded to the installation of Professor Smain Benmansour as the new head of the French department succeeding Pr. Azzedine Benaissa .In the presence of the vice-deans, heads of departments, and professors of the French Department.

In his speech The Dean of the Faculty praised the departing head of Department for his efforts throughout the department management and wished the new head of department much success.




List of candidates accepted for the Social Services Committee election.




Summer seminar for university professors (Program: SUSI for scholars) – USA



Hungarian scholarship offer 2023/2024

for doctoral programmes

for bachelor’s, master’s, one-tier master’s, non-degree programmes and postgraduate specialist training courses

We inform you that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the recipient of a scholarship offer for the academic year 2023-2024, from the Hungarian government.

This offer concerns five-star promotion majors enrolled in the last year of Bachelor’s degree (L3) wishing to prepare a Master’s degree and those enrolled in the last year of Master’s degree (M2) wishing to prepare a PhD, Those who meet the eligibility criteria for residential training abroad.





Arts Department: Training Workshop for Theater Students


On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the arts department of the faculty of letters and languages hosted an artistic activity and a training day for the benefit of the students of the department, presented by the actor and theater director "Ben bekriti Mohammed", the monodrama theatrical show “prompter” (elmolaken) was also watched and discussed.




English language training for Teachers of higher education


Following  the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research's instruction regarding the teaching of the English language to teachers of different specialties.  the CEIL of Tlemcen University  is kindly requesting you to complete  the following form  in order to identify accurately count the number of teachers who want to attend this training .
Placement test  will be made to determine the entrance profile of teachers interested
To access it, use your institutinal email.




 The Program






Third-year undergraduate and second-year master students are invited to attend the entrepreneurship training day on Saturday, November 19, 2022, from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Nature and Life Sciences, Earth and Universe Sciences.




The Launch of The supervision cell – tutoring- of the faculty

On Monday, 14/11/2022, the unit of the Faculty of Letters and Languages began its work. The staff of the unit presented to the new students the main role of tutoring in terms of guidance, information and advice. With the contrition of its best professors and PhD students to carry out this noble task.




Thanks to the safety and protective equipment company – Emprins – for its contribution to the success of the firefighting training course at the Faculty of literature and Languages.



Training Day on Fire Response Techniques

On Saturday, November 12, 2022, the Faculty of literatures and Languages organized a training day on fire response.

Security and prevention officers at Tlemcen University benefited from this training, where they received theoretical information, in addition to an applied presentation of various fire extinguishing techniques and the various situations encountered by officers in the performance of their duties.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event.


Open doors on the supervision cell – tutoring-

The supervision cell – tutoring- of the faculty will organize open doors for first-year common core students to introduce the unit, and invite students to register for the Unit on November 14, 2022 from 10:00 am.

- Department of literatures and Arabic Language and Department of Arts, in the lobby of the Department of literatures and Arabic Language.

- Foreign language departments (French - English - Spanish), in the lobby of Foreign language departments.





Announcement of the opening of the nomination for a member of the Social Services Committee.




Mechanisms for the application of Ministerial Resolution 1275:

Certificate of creation of a new company -a startup-/ Certificate of invention patent.




Announcement concerning the zero paper in doctoral theses defense files.





A welcome and orientation day for new students


On the occasion of the 2023/2022 academic year, the Faculty of Letters and Languages of the University of Tlemcen organized a welcome day for new students, in order to familiarize themselves with the atmosphere of the faculty, and discover the academic programs and regulations followed in the departments and sections, with the participation of the administrative staff, professors and scientific clubs of the faculty.