Research 16-09-2019

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Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

University of Tlemcen


Laboratory of Literary and Linguistic Andalusia Studies


“Andalusian learned elites in Algeria through the historical

context and the geographical area.”

(Attendance, role, destiny.)


Tuesday 17/12/2019


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The supervision cell

Of Arabic language and literature Department


Reception of first year students





It is brought to the attention of all the students and professors of the Faculty - all levels - who wish to register at the library, that they are invited to join us from 15/09/2019 accompanied by the following documents:


1 - Two pictures

2- A copy of the national identity card

3 - A copy of the certificate of registration and the certificate of work for the professors

  1. Phone number and e-mail


   Note: Renewal of the card for the participants (certificate of registration)