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 Announcement for the seminar: "Thursday's discussion"05/12/2019

  the seminar: "Thursday's discussion",05/12/2019(report)     



                We inform the department professors that the meeting of the educational committee will be held on Thursday 28/11/2019 in the discussion room at 10.00 AM to discuss the following points:

- The rate of progress in the pedagogic program especially master 1.

-How to remedy the delay in programs.

Determine the date of the first semester exams.




 Announcement for the seminar: "Thursday's discussion"28/11/2019

  the seminar: "Thursday's discussion", 28/11/2019(report)    


 Announcement for the seminar: "Thursday's discussion"21/11/2019

  the seminar: "Thursday's discussion", 21/11/2019(report)   



Announcement to the PhD Students in Literary studies project and 

Language studies project:

Academic year: (2018/2019) and (2019/2020).



Timetable for the PhD Students in Literary studies and 

Language studies:

Academic year: (2018/2019) and (2019/2020).




Announcement for the seminar: "Thursday's discussion"14/11/2019


  the seminar: "Thursday's discussion", 14/11/2019(report)  




Announcement to the new PhD students



Announcement for the seminar: "Thursday's discussion"07/11/2019




Announcement for the seminar: "Thursday's discussion"31/10/2019   




  the seminar: "Thursday's discussion", 17/10/2019(report)  

Announcement for the seminar: "Thursday's discussion", 17/10/2019   





                  It is brought to the attention of the students who want to register in the first year of master those who have not been able to register on the digital site that they have to depose their paper file at the office of the responsible from Sunday 13/10/2019 to Thursday 17/10/2019 as the deadline, accompanied by the following documents:

* Written request with Phone number and e-mail.

* A copy of baccalaureate.

* A copy of license.

* A copy of reveal points of the four year.

*certificate of not appear in front of the disciplinary board.

 * Two pictures.





                  It is brought to the attention of all the students of master 1 those who did not join the schooling office in order to obtain a re-registration certificate, that the last deadline for registration is Thursday 10/10/2019.

            Every delay on the specified date exposes student to the exclusion, and the administration will replaced him with a student from the reserve lists.


Head of the department                                      vice dean of graduation




Announcement for the seminar: "Thursday's discussion", 10/10/2019  

  the seminar: "Thursday's discussion", 10/10/2019(report) 

Participation form in cultural activity 






The family of Department of language and Arabic literature has received with a large and a deep sadness the news of the death of the father of the Colleague 

WALIDADA Abdelhakim

The family of faculty (teachers, administration and students) presents their sincere condolences to the family of the deceased; and that God give him his mercy and forgiveness complete.



Schedule of the arabic  language and litterature Department 

first semester  2019-2020






            We remind our first year student that the study will start on Sunday, September 15, 2019 and we invite them to attend the typical lesson at 9.00 am at Amphitheater 02.





            We inform Master 1 students that the lists of students in all specialties

(literary studies –general linguistics-applies linguistics) and after confirming the capabilities of the department with regard to the number of pedagogical seats can be accommodated, it was agreed to accept all student who have completed their studies in the prescribed time (three years without interruption). Students concerned should approach the studies office to register on Monday 16 September.

            As for the previous batches who graduated before 2019, they must deposit their files personally at the web site PROGRESS and that after activation.





It is brought to the attention of first year student that the study will start on Sunday, September 15, 2019 and we invite them to attend the typical lesson at 9.00 am at Amphitheater 02.





The head of the department informs students that the process of registration for the 2019/2020 academic year will start on Tuesday 10/09/2019 until Monday 16/10/2019.


downloading arabe letter départment

 تصريح شرفي

البرنامج المفصل لكل مادة



مواد الدراسات الأدبية
مواد الدراسات اللغوية
 - استمارة الرغبة دراسات أدبية
استمارة الرغبة دراسات لغوية
مخطط التربص الأكاديمي والميداني
ترخيص بإيداع مذكرة التخرج
-نموذج إعلان عن موعد مناقشة مذكرة الماستر

كشف التنقيط و المتابعة

 - نموذج إعلان عن موعد مناقشة رسالة علمية دكتوراه / ماجستير

- استمارة التربص

رخصة تسجيل موضوع الدراسات العليا

استمارة واجهة الأعمال الفردية

 بطاقة الترشح للماستر

دليل تحرير مذكرة الماستر 

استمارة تصويب مذكرة الماستر

 مذكرة مقدمة لنيل شهادة الماستر في اللغة والأدب العربي

البوابةالوطنية للإشعارعن الأطروحات  

استمارة تسجيل موضوع المذكرة

استمارة تقييم الأعمال الفردية

بطاقة تقييمية لمذكرة الليسانس

محضر مناقشة مذكرة الماستر

واجهة مذكرة الماستر الجديدة

 رخصة تعديل موضوع ماستر (ل.م.د) 

تصريح شرفي

خاص بالالتزام بقواعد النزاهة العلمية لانجاز بحث

 Participation form in cultural activity