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Deliberations Of the first semester



modular license 1





 Master 1 et 2



Department of Arts, in coordination with the university-formative research project


Intersection of the Arts in Changing Times: The Mechanisms of Consciousness and the Strategy of Practice

In cooperation with the Laboratory of Arts and Cultural Studies.

Organizes the second national forum:


"The needs of women in art: landmarks of cultural heritage and indications of forms of artistic interference"


May 19, 2021.



Timetable second semester 2020-2021


License 1 and 2

Licence 1 et 3 et master 1



أعمال طلبة الماستر تخصص تصميم





Typical correction:


النقد الفني للسنة الثانية ليسانس فنون تشكيلية

 الفن المعاصر للسنة الأولى ماستر فنون تشكيلية


مدارس الفن التشكيلي السنة الثالثة فنون تشكيلية

السنة الثالثة فنون تشكيلية  تحليل الأعمال الفنية

The history of ancient art, the first semester.

Speech analysis-master 1-

Aesthetics - first semester-

Henni karima 

Module : l’histoire de l’art antique.

 -Module : Silent cinema, common core.

-Module: methodology, master 1 theatre.

-Module: cultural anthropology, master 2 theatre.

-Module: foreign language, master 1 theater.

-Module: foreign language, master 2 arts.

الإجابة النموذجية النقد السنيمائي ماستر 



Timetable of exams, first semester 2020-2021

امتحانات السداسي الأول ماستر1 تصميم المحيط




Timetable for the first semester 2020-2021

License 1 and 2.

Licence1 master2

 Licence3 master1

 استعمال الزمن ماستر تخصص تصميم المحيط



List of students, master 2 - Maghrebian theater -

List of students, master 2 – plastic arts -

List of students, License 1- per group-

List of students, License 2- per group-




Form link for Third year students who are graduating this year

and who wish to enroll in the master's phase for the academic year 2020-2021



Second Semester Make-up Exam




Schedule of the 2019-2020 Make-up Exam





The typical correction of the exam, module - Analysis of works of art-.

The typical correction of the exam, module - fine arts


The typical correction of the exam, module - analysis of speech-

Third Year Theater, sixth semester

Second year, Plastic arts-second semester-

Second year, Plastic arts-second semester-





Final deliberations of the first semester 2019-2020


First year license

Second year License - Plastic arts


Second year license - Dramatic arts


Third year license - Plastic arts


Third year license - Dramatic arts


1st year Master - Maghreb Theater

1st year Master - Plastic arts



 Timetable of remedial exams for the third semester –Master-




Email of the professors of the arts department.



 “shaining Art” Club

            On March 10, 2020, the “shaining Art” Club organized a huge and varied cultural activity to present the club and its goals. Where the students of the department presented theatrical performances, and there are three performances, religious songs, thoughts and poems to cultivate the talents of the students of the department and integrate them in an educational and entertaining activity and under the supervision of the teachers and the chief from the arts department.




The students of the Arts Department presented a play entitled "Forgive me, mother," at the theater of the Arts Department after the presentation of the monologue, in the presence of the dean of the faculty and the teachers and a large gathering of students. Some students also wore traditional clothing as an expression of their joy for Women's Day.





On the morning of March 9, student Mazyoud Ayoub presented a monologue entitled "Deviation", in which he participated in the National Festival of Monologues in el Wadi. Where he got the best role for men. The show was at the theater of the Arts Department.








          The Arts Department organized, on the occasion of Women’s Day and under the supervision of Dr. Khawani, A human development course presented by Mrs. Bouazzaoui under the title the female unconscious.        


In addition to the visual arts exhibition, the arts department organized an honorary ceremony for the benefit of the artists participating in the exhibition and students of the department who participated in the training course at the University of Mostaganem.



On the occasion of women's day

Today, March 8, 2020, the Arts Department of the Faculty of Letters and Languages organized a visual arts exhibition for professional artists and students of the department and under the direction of Professor Gallil Sarah. The exhibition, which is open all week, brought together a large number of students and professors from various faculties on its first day.





 Timetable of remedial exams for the first semester -2019/2020-




Result  first semester 2019-2020


 notes des modules                déliberation

L1                                                  L1

L2 -plaqtic art               L2 -plaqtic art

L2 -dramatic art             L2 -dramatic art

L3 -plaqtic art                L3 - plaqtic art

L3 - dramaticart           L3 - dramatc art

M1  plastic art              M1 plasticart

M1 TM                               M1  TM

M2 plastic art             M2 art plastic art 

M2 TM                               M2  TM



Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Abu Bakr Belkaid University - Tlemcen

Artistic and cultural studies laboratory

As part of the scientific research project: PRFU

The first study day around:

"The role of the visual arts in the revitalization and activation of heritage"

April 07, 2020.

Under the slogan: "Together to appreciate the local heritage"




Celebration of International Women's Day and Internationa

l Day of People with Special Needs


From March 08, 2020 to March 15, 2020




            The head of the arts department announces the organization of a study day on the feast of the martyrs, on February 18, 2020.

"The reality of the liberation revolution in Artistic work: Forms of practice and work references".



Schedule of late exams for absent students with justification




Schedule of the art Department second semester 2019-2020




Schedule of Exam Papers Consultation of the first semester,




Typical corrections

Module: art history-first semester-.

Module: Aesthetics, common core of the arts.

Module: Philosophy of art, plastic arts.

Module: Technical terms.

Module: ancient theater.   

  Master 1: Algerian plastic art.

First year, common core of the arts: sociology of art.

Second year arts: Semiotic.

Second year master: Copyright and creativity.

Second year master: Modern and contemporary art.




The schedule of exams-first semester- 2019-2020



Photos of cultural seminars organized under the title of "interactive seminars" at the Arts Department.




Training photos for the second year drama students, at the regional theater, Sidi Bel Abbes, December 17, 2019, module the art of artistic representation.





Schedule of the art Department first semester 2019-2020